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Security cameras commonly used in corporate offices, banks and in public places such as airports and shopping malls have helped to enhance security controls and avoid untoward incidents. The changing designs and technologies for these cameras have now made it feasible to hide them in a range of tools and items of daily use.

KGBCameras has presented the infographic “The Invisible Agent”which illustrates an assortment of objects that can contain hidden cameras.The infographic has presented a list of items used for hiding spy cameras while also giving a brief description of the exact gadget that may be hidden inside. The IG also throws light on some factors to consider while choosing a spy camera.

Use of Hidding Spy Cameras [Infographic]]


There is a selection of hidden spy camera equipment that can easily for various purposes in for your home or business. You will certainly want only top-notch security equipment that you can trust completely and expect best results. You can choose from an array of quality equipment like wireless cameras, hidden spy cameras and hard-wired cameras.

Installing and using a hidden camera is the perfect way to gain proofs and evidences against some kind of wrong-doing in your house or business place. To detect what is going wrong, sometimes you just need to find a right kind of equipment which can help you in that regard. A hidden spy camera in your store, office, factory or storage area is always a good idea.

However, for best output, it is must that they are kept hidden or else they can be easily tampered with. Proper and wise selection as well as installation is the key to using them aptly and getting results beyond expectations. It is a great idea to choose the right spot by testing out a few different areas. Ensure to go back and watch the footage captured by the camera in order see if the view is not obstructed and everything is working correctly.

Spy cameras are typically used to spy on people to track their activities. These devices were earlier only used by law enforcing agencies and at shopping complexes. However, nowadays their need and application has extended to a wider extent. Advanced hidden spy cameras are now used at homes to spy on nannies to track what they are doing.  The conventional models could take black and white pictures but now, you can purchase cameras that give good pictures and video quality.

spy cam 2.4G 820D

You can choose to buy:

A wired camera that can be attached to a DVR or VCR via cable.
A wireless camera that can transmit a signal to a receiver that is connected to a DVR or a VCR.
A hidden camera with built in DVR, that can record pictures on 8 GBSD card that be can played back on a television or a computer. With this device, you can use a remote control to start and record the pictures you require.

The major uses of hidden spy cameras:

1. Spy cameras are very useful as a method to enforce law for the purpose of traffic surveillance. These help to track and catch people breaking traffic rules. These are used at traffic signals where the traffic crowd is quite heavy.

2. These can be installed at banks, offices, hotels, train stations and airports for security purpose. At such places where security is crucial, spy cameras work at their best.

3. Spy cameras can also be used at office premises to improve track employee performance so that their work can be recorded.

4. Private investigators can use hidden spy cameras to spy on people whom they feel are doing wrong activities. While covering issues such as theft, fidelity, murder and more, spy cameras make a great difference.

5. These spy cameras can perfectly be used for sting operations.

6. In case a business, home or vocational property is installed with spy cameras, it adds more value to the property when it is sold. This is because people feel secure.

7. It is useful in homes to ensure that the house is safe against theft. It can be installed inside the home and also at the front and back entrance of the house.

8. Spy cameras can be very useful in ensuring the safety of little babies and small children who are under the supervision of nannies. You can watch the daily activities of a nanny by placing a hidden camera and monitor how is she taking care of your children.

9. Spy cameras are also helpful and can be used to check on a spouse for infidelity.

Hidden cameras are very useful and their need is found in every domain. These can be installed behind a wall clock or in a stuff toy or even in a pen. Compact sized soy cameras can not be located when you play with them smartly. In addition, the picture quality and recording quality of branded cameras is pretty good that you can compare after purchasing.

Make the best use of spy cameras at homes, offices or anywhere you require these tracking devices the most.

As these days we all have cameras as per our need and occupation. Some have digital cameras or some digital personal video recorder as everyone wants to capture each and every specila moment of life.

Here I would like to discuss more about Pinhole camera, that simple a lifght proof box with a small hole in its side. set the stage for modern day photography as we know it.

To read more about evolution of cameras just refer the below infographic:



Spy cameras are not used in spy thrillers by detectives alone. In fact, more and more people are using them these days as they promise better safety and security of one’s home/office and personal belongings.

Although there are both overt (visible) and covert (invisible) spy cameras available in the market, spy cameras are basically hidden cameras. The camera is installed in an obscure place for recording all the activities that take place inside the home or office. Spy cameras work like video cameras. They continuously monitor one’s home or business premise and provide protection against burglary and thefts.

hidden screw camera 811T Screw

Spy cameras can also be used for keeping a watch on the nannies and baby sitters. Parents who are working usually install spy cameras in their kids’ rooms. The camera lets them have peace of mind as they can monitor every move of their children.

For store owners and businesses, spy cameras are quite useful as these hidden cameras help identify shop lifters and prevent thefts.

Spy cameras can be put to many other uses. They can be put up in cinema halls, at railway stations, grocery stores, at malls, parks, and museums, and at other public places. The device offers better safety, security, surveillance, and control over one’s home as well as business when one is away. It plays an important role in deterring crime in the first place and in the event of theft or burglary, the security device helps in identification of the criminals. Install a spy camera to have a complete peace of mind.

The rising instances of thefts and burglaries have lead to the increasing use of security cameras. A lot of homeowners and businesses are installing security cameras as it gives them peace of mind that their property is under surveillance and is safe and secure. Security devices are quite effective in deterring crime.

If you are someone who is thinking of buying a security camera, consider buying a wireless camera. Wireless cameras are easy to set up. In addition, they let one do away with the hassle of the wires. Wireless spy cameras are small enough and can be easily made to hide somewhere in the room for enjoying better surveillance.

spy cam 2.4G 820D

Wireless security cameras are basically of two types. There are some that feature an installation kit and there are others that resemble an IP camera. Wireless security cameras that come with an installation kit come with a transmitter and a receiver. This type of security camera works almost like a regular TV camera. The camera is made to connect to the transmitter while the receiver is connected to the recording device. This enables the transmitter to be received and viewed from the camera.

The second type of wireless cameras come with a network adapter that connects to a router or a switch. These wireless cameras can be accessed from any where with the help of a computer or laptop, allowing enhanced security and surveillance.

Buy the security camera that suits your security needs and budget and keep your home and office safe and secure.