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CCTV Trends in 2013

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Cameras

Video Surveillance is progressing very fast with its effective performance . Here in below Infographic I will share the current trends of Video Surveillance with the help of CCTV Cameras:

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According to Metropolitan Police, it has been seen that criminals avoid doing crime in place where they found CCTV’s are working.
Below are some realistic facts about CCTV cameras:
1. 7 out of 10 murders are solved with the help of CCTV cameras
2. There are only 1.85 million CCTVs are available in the UK.
3. Police installed 14 cameras in no-go area in eastern leeds and it has given wonderful results mentioned below:
48 % crime fell down
65% no. of burglaries fell down
57 CCTV camera coverage helped in arresting criminal in single week.
For more information, please refer to the Infographic given below:


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Every household work entails plumbing as an important amenity. You have to deal with plumbing issues at some point or the other. Identifying the root cause of the problem can sometimes become a daunting task as you can not see the plumbing pipe completely. But now, most plumbing services have gained access to high quality technological devices that enable you to look deep into plumbing systems. A pipe inspection camera can be a useful device for identifying the problem areas in your plumbing pipe.

Various benefits of inspection cameras for plumbing system are as follows:

  • The inspection cameras are capable of locating the exact cause of any plumbing problem.
  • It is an idyllic tool for rectifying plumbing issues as it is light, compact and can easily reach into the most difficult places.
  • You can get a real time view of your plumbing system.
  • It lets you see the interior of the plumbing system clearly. Thus, you are able to locate the actual source of the problem and identify its exact location within the plumbing system.

Other uses of inspection cameras can be for various systems like drainage pipes, diagnose and repair HVAC system related issues and locate any electrical wiring problems.

CCTV camera can be considered as the useful technology which comes equipped with various prominent features. CCTV also known as close circuit television serves the purpose of detection of unwanted elements and deception by taking direct pictures of the movement of persons. You can find CCTV cameras in different types and can get more brilliant picture quality according to the quality of products.

While installing a CCTV camera in your premises, there are a few aspects of the CCTV that you must take into consideration. This will ensure that you obtain the correct performance levels for your requirements. Here’s a few mentioned:


If you require greater detail of the scene then you must consider installing a high resolution camera.

By selecting a more sensitive camera you can enhance the reproduction of the image in scantly lit areas.

Always remember that a conventional camera will produce a colourless backdrop when shooting an object against a white background.

You can place a CCTV camera in your offices and residence for monitoring purposes. It is also a perfect device to be placed in risky zones like a bank where proper security system is required. Other places like malls & supermarkets; installing CCTV cameras is surely a smart move.

Digital binoculars are an infusion of a digital camera and binoculars. With this amazing product, you can capture those wildlife images you cannot see with the naked eye. An idyllic tool for a wildlife hobbyist and an invaluable part to the private detective’s portfolio.


What if you are able to take pictures of birds feeding their young ones without disturbing them – make it possible with this amazing gadget. Now you can capture those images with your binoculars combined with a digital camera. Its salient features include light weight, ease in handling it, and most important, no more reaching for your camera to get those images only you see.

So, next time you are planning to go on a camping trip with our friends or family, take this binocular on hiking with you to capture some amazing pictures of beautiful and rare birds, fish, and butterflies. With the digital camera binoculars, you can take images you never thought possible.

Besides wildlife photography, use this gadget to take pictures in some music concerts, football games, and many other events to make the memories last forever. With its amazing features, the digital camera binoculars will certainly make a great gift for hikers, hunters, birdwatchers, climbers, and many more.

CCTV came into existence in late 1942, when CCTV cameras were used to record and monitor the rocket launch. The main purpose was to see the close view of Rocket launch without any danger. But with time, the technology and purpose for using CCTV cameras changed.

In Early 1980’s, the two devices-VCR’s and Multiplexer’s came into market.The purpose of VCR was to record the footage and multiplexer makes it possible to view multiple cameras recording in single monitor.

For more information, please refer to the Infographic given below:


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Wildlife photography is an art of capturing images of wild animals with the help of advanced wild life cameras. These pictures can be captured by a photographer working either with a hand-operated camera, or by a motion-sensor-operated camera mounted to a fixed point. But for high quality and desired great wildlife pictures, you will certainly want a camera with some features and the capability to control your own settings.

SG550 with LCD viewer

Here’s what to look for:

Optical Zoom: Particularly during shooting wildlife you are required to stand far away to keep from surprising the animals and also to protect yourself from the attacks of aggressive creatures, optical zoom in wildlife cameras is a must. Opt for a high optical zoom lens is necessary to capture many animals in the wild.

Macro: This will allow you to stand just inches away from your subject to get a close up, especially when capturing small subjects. Without this feature, you would have to stand about a couple of feet or more away to capture a clear shot.

Mega pixel: Choose a camera with a high mega pixel that will let you to get close ups of wildlife. The higher the mega pixel, the larger your image will be without losing quality.

Shutter Speed: Shutter speed in important in any wildlife camera and is great to have when taking photos of wildlife. With this you will be able to control how long the shutter stays open while capturing a photo.