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Motion detection recording is a spectacular advancement in the surveillance technology and hidden cameras have emerged as the greatest motion detectors. Spy cameras that come with motion detection recording have become common in public places, schools, offices, colleges and even homes.

What is Motion Detection Recording?

Spy cameras are devices that record events, activities and people whom you want to track. However, the utility of motion detectors is beyond this.

Motion detection spy cameras are typically those that are activated only when there is some type of  motion or activity going on within the range. These devices remain inactive otherwise. However, when there is a motion tracked, a sensor built inside these cameras catches the change and this triggers the cameras to start recording. Therefore, motion detection cameras record only when there is motion or movement within the specified range, which makes them efficient surveillance devices.


Motion detection recording can be used and it is effective at various places.

Families can use motion detection cameras when they go on vacations. These sensors are capable to trace any movement that is noticed at entry or exit points of your homes in your absence.

Offices, restaurants, shops and other commercial locations can use motion detection cameras to ensure security of the guests, staff and property.

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Wireless spy cameras have become increasingly popular as these devices incorporate a number of beneficial qualities. Some of the most important benefits are listed below:

Easy to install: Wireless spy cameras are very easy to install as these are compact in size and require no holes or wires as such.

No wires: One of the biggest benefits of spy cameras is these come without wires so you can move them anywhere and fix at any suitable location.

Flexibility: Wireless spy cameras are flexible as these can be placed anywhere in the rooms. Used at homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, their utility is massive. The best part of wireless spy cameras is that you can hide them even in small objects such as pens, toys, disc players, key chains or fix behind cupboards quite easily. Since these are compact in size, it is quite impossible to notice the cameras.

Distance: The wireless spy cameras function appropriately even if the receiver is placed a few miles away from the main camera.

Affordable: As there are numerous manufacturers selling different types of wireless spy cameras for various purposes, you can buy the security devices at lower price rates.

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Wireless spy cameras are amongst the best monitoring devices used to secretly track the activities of suspects or suspicious people. Spy cameras were earlier installed only in large commercial shopping centers and factories for security purposes. However, with the alarming rates of kidnaps, thefts and illegal activities, most people now consider installing spy cameras at their home and office premises.

Here are the top 5 uses of hidden spy cameras:

1. Spy cameras are useful devices to enforce law for the purpose of traffic surveillance. These hidden cameras help to monitor and catch people breaking traffic rules.

2. Spy cameras can be installed at hotels, banks, railway stations and airports to ensure public and staff security.

3. Spy cameras can be fixed inside office premises to track employee performance.

4. Private investigators can use spy cameras to spy on people whom they feel are doing malicious activity. Spy cameras help to cover issues including theft, murder and fidelity.

5. Wireless spy cameras can perfectly be used to carry out sting operations.