Different Types of Spy Cameras

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Cameras
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There are different types of spy cameras in the market. Disguised spy cameras are especially designed to appear like everyday household or business items. Disguised cameras can be built into any object- VCRs, alarm clocks, stuffed toys, picture frames or smoke detectors. There are also pinhole cameras that are often smaller than a quarter but have an extensive view range that can capture pictures from most of the locations in a room. Spy cameras can also work great as nanny cams that parent install in a common area to collect video of their kid’s caretaker.

hidden clock DVR recorder functions

There are several types of wireless spy camera namely,

Water proof hidden spy cameras with night-vision facility
Mini color cameras with built in motion activation and self-recording
Spy cams along with built-in web server viewing provision
iPod doc recorders
Disguised spy pen camera
Disguised spy camera built in with clock or watch
Almost invisible wireless spy cameras
Wireless cameras with attached rechargeable batteries
Home and office security spy cameras
Mini wireless spy cameras for law enforcement agencies
Wireless spy cameras for car security purpose

Choose the spy camera that fits your purpose and requirements.


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